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At a DePas Craft Market, you'll have the chance to introduce your products to an audience of thousands, potentially gaining loyal customers and followers who share your vision.

As one of our vendors you can expect:

Creators, Artists, and Photographers! Seize this opportunity to be part of an event that celebrates your craft and your uniqueness.

- Are your products considered craft?

- Are you an artist? Photographer?

- Do you make and design your items?

- Are your products vintage/antique?

- Do your products stand out and deliver a 'wow' factor?

If yes to any questions above, join us!


Turn your passion into profit. Showcase your products, engage with customers, and make sales – all while experiencing the DePas Craft Market atmosphere.

DePasquale Enterprises, LLC


Fine Art   Crafts   Gifts   Gourmet Foods



As a vendor, you're not just setting up a booth; you're becoming part of a vibrant community of artisans. Make connections and build relationships with fellow creators & artists.