*Purchasing a liability policy is only required for the Huntingtom Waterfront Festival.  However we highly recommend buying the annual coverage policy ($21.58 per month) which protects you in all the events you participate in, not limited to our fairs and festivals.

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What's the difference between Annual and per Show policies?

The Per Show Policy is best suited for creatives who:

  • Attend a few events a year
  • Want coverage only for event-related incidents (such as slip-and-falls or unexpected weather)
  • Need to meet insurance requirements for events
  • Open to all exhibitors

The Annual Policy is best suited for creatives who:

  • Attend more than 5 events in a year
  • Want coverage for injuries or damages caused by their products
  • Sells, operates, or promotes their business online
  • Want protection for their tools and supplies against theft and damages

Exclusive discounted policies for DePas CRAFT market vendors.

Use promo code depas10 for $10 off a

Per Show Policy!

Use promo code depas20 for $20 off an Annual Policy!

Click link below to select your insurance.  The additional insureds are already pre-filled for the Huntington Waterfront Festival.